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Introducing the all new Hotter Solution ACSM cleaning system:


Accumulated deposits falling onto the web, wires or felts can cause sheet breaks, unplanned shut downs and increased production cost.

For this reason regular cleaning jobs at critical areas of a paper machine have to be carried out. However, these critical areas are often difficult to reach during the planned shut downs. Wires and felts are still in the machine or scaffolding has to be erected over pulpers in order to get to the target area.

We have seen this again and again over many years of cleaning paper machines and thought about a solution to this problem.


The result:


Our innovative, automated cleaning system Hotter Solution ACSM allows cleaning of critical areas with the touch of a finger.


Now you are able to use even shortest shutdowns to clean without a lot of workers and external cleaning services – and reduce the number of sheet breaks ! Our specially developed chemical cleaning products can be used above wires and felts without humans being involved.


Following cleaning processes can be performed with Hotter Solution ACSM:


  • Automated foaming of the headbox
  • Automated foaming of suction rolls
  • Automated foam application using existing shower piping
  • Automated cleaning of critical areas by retractable units mounted on machine structures
  • Automated special solutions



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