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Frequently asked questions:


  • Why do you use acids for the cleaning of the wet section in paper machines ?
    • Water carries carbonate and carbonate deposits create rough surfaces. It is the rough areas where bacteria and fibers can accumulate. Acids remove the mineral deposits and the roughness.


  • Are the acids dangerous for the clothing and the machine ?
    • This is a critical issue in the development of acidic cleaning products. We formulate acids and other raw materials with the target to be gentle to the clothing, the machine and humans. But there is one strict guideline to follow: never let the cleaning product dry. When it dries the water evaporates and the concentrated chemicals are left. So always water clothing before and after the treatment. Machine parts also have to be washed off with water carefully. If you follow this guideline the chances for damaging clothing or machine structures are low. The positive effects of cleaning outweigh by far the risks of using acidic cleaning products !


  • Can you remove old, thick carbonate deposits during a single 8 hour shutdown ?
    • Despite the combined use of chemicals and high pressure water this is often not possible. The reason is that carbonate deposits change over the years. Instead of the typical white-grey deposits they change to brown, sandy grains which are extremely hard. To remove them chemically you would need extremely aggressive acid combinations but this is impossible in a paper machine wet end. Therefore the only way to remove them is a cleaning process with frequent cleanings, large volumes of chemical product and high pressure cleaners.


  • Are all acidic cleaning products labeled as dangerous goods ?
    • Yes, due to severe damage of eyes and skin when exposed to the acid for a long time. Our material safety data sheets contain detailed information about the dangers and protective measures for workers. Being labeled as dangerous good does not automatically mean that the product is extremely dangerous. Our products are as ecofriendly as possible and can be used by humans when all safety rules are followed.


  • Your alkaline product Hotter Solution CCS 100 is not labeled as dangerous good. Why ?
    • That has to do with the choice of raw materials and the pH value. We adjusted this product to a pH of 10-11 and developed a formulation that can remove organic and oily deposits well without posing a severe threat to eyes and skin. But please be aware that this label does not mean you can avoid using the required personal safety equipment ! See our material safety data sheet for details on the PSE.


  • What about the environmental effects, do we have to expect problems with the waste water treatment plant ?
    • Basically, in chemistry the core issue is always concentration and volume of products. Our target is to develop the most ecofriendly cleaning products for cleaning paper machines. Protecting aquatic life is extremely important for us, therefore we do not use any raw materials which pose a long term threat for the biology in water bodies. Another issue is the phosphate content of the phosphoric acid used in our acidic products. Some water treatment plants are very strict about their effluent discharge. For this reason we have developed a phosphate free version of our acidic cleaner. However, normally there is no issue with our acidic products because of the low dosage into the system during a 10 hour cleaning job. The acidic foam is washed off and diluted with water before it flows to the waste water plant.


  • The new automated cleaning solution Hotter Solution ACSM, what is that ?
    • We use industrial automation components to control the cleaning process. A touch panel display allows to start the mechanical process - water, cleaning products and flushing processes are programmed in customer specific logics. This way the machine workers can focus on other jobs during the shutdown. Every automated cleaning solution is tailored to the customer’s needs.