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The World of HOTTER Care Products:


Years of experience and permanent refinement  enable us to offer Hotter Care products for almost every cleaning job in paper machines:


  • Our incredibly effective acidic cleaning solutions are available in 4 different formulations. We offer almost universal cleaners for regular use, very strong acids for removal of thick, tough deposits and everything in between.


  • Our alkaline cleaning solution for oil removal is not labelled as a dangerous good and is perfectly suited to remove oil and organic deposits from machine parts like frames in dryer groups, dryer hoods and dryer fabrics as well as concrete basements and floors to reduce fire hazards.


All our cleaning solution products have been formulated with the latest raw materials for highest environmental protection. Sustainability, health and efficiency are our goals for the development of new chemical formulations.


Our standard packaging for chemicals are 1000 kg IBC’s.



Together with our distributors we are able to support you on site and to perform demo cleanings on your machines.