The proper way to wash your car.

Properly wash your car in three easy steps.


The proper car wash is done in three easy steps. With the prewash you are washing away the rough dirt e.g. mud and sand with a high pressure water jet. Do not use a sponge or something similar for the prewash because the rough dirt will cause scratches into your paint.



At the main wash you are using a special shampoo to clean your paint. But don´t wash the car on a very sunny place because the shampoo shouldn´t dry out.

You should also just work on one part of your car, like your hood, doors or trunk.

Use one big and soft sponge and two buckets with 10 litres of fresh water. Put then 2 caps of car shampoo into each of them and use the sponge to foam the water. You should use two buckets, because a very dirty car will turn the water dark and brown quite fast. To avoid damages on the paint of the car, you should use after some time the second  bucket with fresh clean water.


The third step is to wash the residues off the car. After cleaning one part of the car you can immediately wash the part with water. Just use a hose without a nozzle or a third bucket with fresh clean water to wash the residues off the car. To get the best protection of recontamination you can use a bucket with fresh water and one cap of shampoo. Without foaming the water you can pour the bucket over the part of the car.


After the washing process you can leave the car in a shady place with enough air to dry the car. It is not necessary to use a cloth for drying because there will be no stains of water after letting it dry through the air. Just bigger drops of water can be wiped away with a cloth.


For cleaning the windows you should use a special window cleaner to remove the last residues on the windows or windshield.


With regular use of Hotter Car Shampoo the paint will get covered of an polymeric coat which will strengthen the effect of air drying.