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Robert Hotter, Founder and Managing Director; Christoph Hotter Marketing and Quality Manager;

Robert Hotter is the founder and managing director of Hotter GmbH. Robert has been working in the paper industry since 1993, gaining a world-class reputation as Area Sales Manager with international corporations, and is known worldwide as a specialist in the paper industry. In 2011, Robert Hotter decided to start his own business and founded the single company "Hotter Services", which specializes in optimizing headbox and high-speed camera imaging. Robert Hotter also recognized the great potential of production and cleaning chemistry in the paper mills and then founded "Hotter Services GmbH" on 01.01.2015. He thus laid the foundations for today's chemical production in which all our products are mixed, bottled and prepared for shipping.

In June 2017, the company was renamed to "Hotter GmbH" and it created the Hotter Care line with care and cleaning products for the car, motorcycle and home sector, as well as the industrial cleaning chemistry under the name "Hotter Industrial".


Susanne Hotter is co-founder and shareholder of Hotter GmbH. Due to her many years of experience in the fields of controlling and accounting, Susanne Hotter enables the company to achieve constant growth and thus, among other things, secures the future of the company.

Christoph Hotter joined the company as marketing and quality manager on 01.01.2018 and, thanks to his long experience in the field of quality at international groups, made the leap to ISO 9001 certification.

He also leads the marketing department and manages the social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.


In 2018, Christoph Hotter founded the company's own motorsport team "Hotter Motorsport", which participates in karting, touring and hill climb racing.